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Decorating Ideas for New Builds

The great thing about purchasing a new build property is that you’re starting with a blank canvas that you can put your stamp on right away. That said, it can be a little daunting to know where to start, and just because your new build should be in perfect condition doesn’t mean it will be. We’re going to take a look at some decorating ideas for new builds and explain why it’s essential to consider new build snagging before you pick up that paintbrush.

Don’t Rush

Many materials used to build your house, like timber and plaster, will have absorbed water during construction and need time to dry out. It is advisable to wait between 6-12 months after construction has been completed before you start seriously decorating. This time allows for hairline cracks to form that can be filled – these are entirely normal, but you’ll be creating more work for yourself if you colour the walls and then try filling them in.

This period during which you’re waiting for your house to settle into itself is an excellent opportunity to get the new build inspectors in to perform a new build snagging survey, like those offered by Snag List Pro. This survey will look at all aspects of your home, from the roof tiles to the plumbing to the carpentry work on the staircase, and it is best done before you start decorating. The purpose of work like that carried out by Snag List Pro is to highlight any issues or faults with the workmanship in your home and give you peace of mind that your property has been built to the correct standards and highest quality of craftsmanship.

The Bedroom

New builds typically mean that you’ll be faced with a lot of smooth, white walls that are lacking in features – so why not add some panelling to your bedroom to give it some character?

Panelling the wall behind your bedhead can be a thrifty yet incredibly effective way to add texture and a touch of luxury to your bedroom. There are many different ways to panel a wall, from methods as simple as affixing strips of wood to the wall and painting everything to match through to purchasing applied moulding for a more decorative, classical look.

The Kitchen

You may find that the standard-issue kitchen your new build comes with feels a little stark and cold. The style of the cabinets and work surfaces can sometimes limit your design choices. Chances are you’re not going to want to rip out your brand-new kitchen, but there are some things you can do (besides painting the walls) to inject your personal style into the space.

Swap Out The Hardware
One of the simplest and yet often most overlooked fixes you can make is to swap out the hardware on the cabinets to something more in line with your tastes. There’s a vast range of cabinet handles and knobs out there, from sleek and modern to chic vintage. Choosing doorknobs that match or complement the colour of the walls will help tie the whole room together.

Transform with Tiles
Titles are a practical way to add colour and fun to your kitchen. Not only do they look great, but they also protect your new walls from food, grease and the muck of everyday life. There are tiles to suit all tastes, from the cost-effective, industrial metro tile to intricate, patterned mosaics. Before you get to work with the grouting, make sure you’ve allowed your home to fully dry out and arranged for new build snagging survey to pick up on any faults in your kitchen before you tile over them!

The Bathroom

The bathroom in your new build is unlikely to have many issues associated with older properties like mould and mildew. For that, you can be thankful! However, at first it probably won’t have much personality and as a naturally humid space, hanging up picture frames to personalise a bathroom isn’t an option.

Pay attention to the small furnishings and decorative pieces that don’t mind living in humid, wet spaces. A statement mirror, decorative vases and well-made faux plants all hold up well and will transform your bathroom into a sanctuary that you’ll want to relax in.

The Living Room

Many modern properties are built with open plan living in mind, with the living space blending seamlessly into the dining space and perhaps even the kitchen. If you’ve got an open, multifunctional space, you can use rugs to define zones within it. Using a rug instead of a room divider or clunky piece of furniture to separate your dining area from your living area will achieve the same sense of separation without detracting from the open plan feel of your house.

Rugs can also bring texture and colour to a neutral coloured room – so you’ll be able to enjoy a vibrant space during that first year whilst you’re waiting for your house to settle in and getting that new build snagging done.

We hope you found our new build decorating tips helpful, and we hope you’re enjoying your new home even more. Before you embark on any grand DIY projects, it’s crucial to have a professional new build snagging survey carried out on your property to promptly flag up any issues and get them rectified.

Snag List Pro have over 20 years of experience in new build inspections and can provide a thorough, in-depth inspection of your home to give you peace of mind and iron out any creases. Based in Kent, we cover London and the south of England but can service further afield on request. Give us a call today on 01622 961 000 or request a quote online.


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